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I am very thankful to Mr.Jason Betts of Acres Blue LLC who worked very hard and followed through:
a. with recovering a lot of Oil & Gas revenues owed to mineral owners
b. Professionally mediated mineral owner revenue recovery negotiations with support personnel of several Oil & Gas companies
c. Organized mineral interests so I can learn and understand potential value of each and every interest.

For the above reasons, I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank him and wish him more business.
Dwarka V.
Land Owner, VH& G, LLC., OVHI, Inc ., DBA AHA
I have worked with Jason Betts and Acres Blue over the past couple of years on a significant oil and gas title matter. He has been extremely helpful in determining and securing title - very thorough and organized.
Jeffrey McCamic
Land Owner
Jason is outstanding and aggressive when it came to finding my family the best deal. He found 180k just sitting in escrow we did not know we had. He is honest and follows up on leads.

I would highly recommend Jason for handling any gas or oil deal.
Jann D
Land Owner
Jason Betts was recommended to us in 2013 when my wife inherited substantial and many different oil, gas, and mineral interests located in West Virginia. Some dated back to the 1800s.

We had been contacted by prospective buyers interested in acquiring and or leasing different parcels. Because we had no idea of the value nor exactly what we owned, we retained Jason as our consultant.

His work entailed extended research which included identifying and valuing those interests. Also, he worked with a West Virginia Attorney to clear title. His research found that substantial royalties were held in reserve by a leasee unknown to us because of title issues. Those issues were resolved and we received all of those royalties. His research also discovered tracks and parcels that we were unaware of.

In short, I without reservation highly recommend Jason and his company. His integrity, accountability, and efficiency are above reproach.
Carl T
Land Owner
My name is David Blake and I have a small farm in Belmont County in Ohio. My wife and I decided at our age it might be a good move for us to sell half of our mineral rights so we made contact with 8 different companies that had contacted us in the past. Jason was one individual that came to the farm to talk to us. My wife and I felt very at ease with him and felt he would work hard to get us the best deal. He kept us informed every step of the way. He was able to get us the best deal offered to us. I believe him to be honest and hard working and would recommend him to work for your interest. He handled everything for us.
David Blake
Land Owner

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